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Codemist Ltd is now closed and is no longer a company. If you have questions the ex-directors are still around

High Quality Compilers and System Software

Codemist is a software provider, dedicated to the creation of high quality software in the areas of compilers and symbolic computation. Codemist is owned and operated by a group of university academics from Bath and Cambridge.

The main product is the Norcroft C compiler.

Formal contact details for Codemist Ltd can be found here.


May 2017: Codemist Ltd has ceased trading

January 2015: The Codemist Ltd internet access was recently upgraded to FTTC, with a significant speed increase.

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June 2014: The world seems rather quiet! They say the recession is over, but we have not seen that here!

April 2012: New software is being written, returning to our LISP roots. More news will be added here as we can release it.

February 2012: Life has been rather varied at Codemist recently.

Professor Mycroft has been very active with Raspberry Pi while Professor Fitch has been appointed an Adjunct Honorary Professor of Music at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, following his retirement from the University of Bath. But Codemist still exists as a provider of quality software, Compilers and Symbolic Processing.

January 2009: Codemist's involvement in selling Reduce has now ceased; as from 1 January 2009 REDUCE, together with Codemist Standard LISP (CSL) is open source software, and is available from Sourceforge

January 2006: Demonstration version of Reduce3.8 now available, linked from the REDUCE page.

October 2004: CSL/Reduce 3.8 has been proved to run on Solaris 9 as well as our usual machines.

Late July 2004: The new release of REDUCE 3.8 has arrived. Both the Personal system for Linux, Windows and MacOSX, and the Professional system are shipping now.

2003 saw the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the Fitch-Norman Partnership (which became Codemist Ltd in 1988) and the fifteenth anniversary of Codemist Ltd.

July 2002: Alta Sounds, the music division of Codemist Ltd announce the release of their new CD, The Door Project. Details can be found on the Alta Sounds page.

Codemist Ltd
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